In the late 1970s, Richard O’Toole built a grain elevator in Crystal, North Dakota, to clean wheat seed for himself and a few friends. Little did he know he was sowing the seeds of a family agricultural legacy that would become T.E. O’Toole Farm Seed Company—known today simply as O‘Toole Seed.

Still family-owned and in its fifth generation, O’Toole Seed offers an extensive menu of seed-related services. They serve national, regional and local producers, specializing in custom seed cleaning and certified treating for a variety of crops including wheat, soybeans, barley, peas, lentils and edible beans.

O’Toole Seed’s modern seed processing unit incorporates the latest seed cleaning and conditioning technology and equipment. O’Toole Seed is constantly expanding its operation to meet growing demand.

Their reputation for expertise and excellence has enabled O’Toole Seed to forge strong connections in the seed industry. They are also deeply involved in the work of crop improvement and market expansion—issues important to them as both industry leaders and farmers.

Our Staff

The O’Toole Seed team offers expert advice and can design a customized package of services to meet all your seed and conditioning needs.