When you work with O’Toole Seed, our team works with you to design a customized seed service package focused on your specific requirements.

A customized partnership featuring these services:

  • Identity-preserved acreage procurement 
    Connecting the crop and acres to accommodate a client’s needs.
  • Seedstock sourcing 
    Looking for a particular seed line for the customer.
  • Seed planting 
    Procuring growers and acres to satisfy a customer’s needs.
  • Field inspecting 
    Checking varieties for consistencies and contaminates.
  • Logistics 
    Shipping from grower’s bins to the conditioner, and from the conditioner to the customer.
  • Conditioning 
    Cleaning seeds based on length, width, weight and color.
  • Product packaging 
    Offering totes or Pro Box bulk seed containers as packaging options.
  • Storage 
    Offering totes, Pro Box storage or bulk containment.
  • Seed Treatment 
    Adding fungicides, pesticides, inoculants and growth promotants, as requested.
  • Edible Beans
    Collection, conditioning and storage for pinto, black turtle and navy beans.

Make O’Toole Seed your choice for in-house, customizable seed production services.

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