Seed is the heart of O’Toole Seed’s business. O’Toole Seed sells certified wheat, edible bean and soybean seed in bulk. They understand the importance of quality seed because they’re farmers, too.

On the O’Toole Seed Farm, a division of the Crystal operation, the family plants and grows hard red spring wheat, sugar beets, pinto beans, navy beans, black beans, soybeans and corn. Wheat seed grown on the Farm, coupled with seed from area growers, provides the main source for wheat seed marketed each year.

O’Toole Seed offers approximately a dozen wheat varieties annually—both private and public. New varieties are performance tested in plots on the O’Toole farm before being introduced to the product line.

When you work with O’Toole Seed, you’re guaranteed a customized partnership. Whatever your seed-related needs—seedstock sourcing, treatment, logistics or storage—O’Toole Seed is equipped to deliver.

Let O’Toole Seed help you get growing!

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